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Some have dismissed milk chocolate is a lesser chocolate, a chocolate that pleases weaker palate, or as simply, ‘kids’ chocolate. However, a well-made milk chocolate is a thing of beauty and is every bit as gustative an experience as any chocolate. So, we decided to make a series of three milk chocolates that highlights not only the nuance of the cacao use, but more importantly to illustrate how the different milks each have a unique and unmistakable flavour world of their own. This series pairs three single origin cacaos with three different milk types: VACHE (cow’s milk) balances the darker tones of our San Martín, Peru cacao, while AVOINE (oat milk) gives the grapefruit notes of our Puira Peru cacao a morning chocolate oatmeal vibe. Finally, our COCO (coconut milk) is reminiscent of the highly aromatic and savory cuisine of Vietnam, lively bright flavours alongside comforting coconut sweetness.ur saisissante et velouté. / Deep notes of caramel, strikingly fresh and velvety smooth.

Coco - Dark Milk Chocolate 61%

  • Organic cacao beans (Vietnam), organic coconut milk powder, organic maltodextrin (derived from organic tapioca), organic cane sugar, cacao butter.

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