Style: 7 1/4" Forged Gyuto

Steel: 52100 High Carbon

Handle: Walnut, Elforyn

Year: 2022


Always a maker, Gilles Pelletier retired from a long career as a locomotive engineer with CN Rail and opened his forest metal shop in Saint Jacques, NB. The beautiful and remote location in a Maple forest provides natural inspiration for his finely crafted knives and handles.


The art of bladesmithing is a perfect fit for a man that values fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. His maternal grandfather and great-grandfather worked together in their Blacksmith Shop that served the small community of Baker-Brook in the northwest region of New Brunswick. Growing up in this area, Gilles is proud to carry on the family tradition of working and forging steel.


As a fine craftsman, Gilles is thoughtful and meticulous to detail. He maintains focused attention perfecting each step in building a fine blade. Constructed of strong carbon steel, Pellet Knives are built to stand the test of time, maintain a sharp edge and serve as a workhorse in any chef’s kitchen.


Pellet Knives carries the proud name of the maker, Gilles Pelletier.

Gyuto, Pellet Knife