McGuire Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a focus on preparing a simple and high quality product from the inside out. Produced in beautiful St Andrews-by-the-Sea husband and wife duo.




The purrfect Valentine’s day gift.

Madagascar cacao and a Madagascar chili together in a 57% creamy milk chocolate.


Hanky Panky spends 16 hours a day curled up in a warm bed and he likes himself some spice. This sassy sourpuss is quick to hiss and make up. Chili and chocolate are known aphrodisiacs. Perhaps that explains the steady stream of purrs coming from Hanky Panky. Truly Madagascar in origin – this bean to bar milk chocolate bar is made with cacao from the Bejofo Estate and a Madagascan chili called the pili pili. It’s slow to kick in, spicy, and leaves you wanting more.

Cacao origin: Bejofo Estate, Sambirano Valley, Madagascar


  • Ingredients: Cocoa butter*, Whole milk powder, Cane sugar*, Sea Salt, Chili. Contains: Milk. May contain: Peanuts, Tree nuts.
    Ingrédients: Beurre de cacao*, Lait entier en poudre, Sucre de canne*, Sel de mer, Chili. Contient: Lait. Peut contenir: Arachides, Noix.
    *Certified organic/ Certifié biologique

    This chocolate is for human consumption only. Do not feed it to your pets.

  • The Hank Series is based on the many characters of our cat. These bars are  made up of fermented cacao, organic cane sugar and the highest sourced inclusion ingredients we can find.