This beautiful Handmade Artisan planter is not only pretty to look at but it is also a beautiful storage solution for your home. Whether it holds fruit, a plant, books, decor items etc., your ideas are endless.


Height: 7"

Width: 11"


Each piece is unique in its shape and design, with no two being exactly the same. All bowls are made from 100% Canadian Cotton Rope and hand dyed in small batches.

Olive, Black and Cream Woven Basket

  • Warm, Wooly & Woven started as a creative outlet and love of fresh modern fabrics as well as beautiful wool and rope home decor.

    Nadine Jewer dyes and hand weaves all of her creations in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Best care is to spot clean with warm water and dry in the sun or near a radiator. Cotton soaks up stains but also releases them very easily. Stubborn stains can be removed with a little baking soda paste and warm water. Hot water will shrink the cotton.