The first of a new Forager’s Series, Spruce Tonic is a seasonal offering (this run is super limited; a single batch) that celebrates the bounty of Newfoundland spring. Spruce tips, alder buds, peppermint, black currant, juniper, raspberry leaf and sweet gale are combined with fresh citrus, lemongrass and, of course, cinchona tree bark, to make an old-style tonic that is bitter and herbal, with heavy citrus notes. The sweetness is amplified with a dose of honey and balanced with a heavy hand of Newfoundland sea salt, from Newfoundland Salt Company. We thank our pal, Shawn Dawson, of Barking Kettle for providing us with the highest quality foraged ingredients. 


Relentless in their pursuit of better quality cocktails and cocktail products, Dan Meades and Kris Smith founded The Third Place Cocktail Co in 2015. Their first product, bearing the same name, revived the gin and tonic to its illustrious past by creating a tonic worthy of sharing a glass with world-class gin. All The Third Place Cocktails products are hand-made in small batches in St. John’s Newfoundland with the finest ingredients available.

Spruce Tonic

  • 8oz/237ml