Dissatisfied with cocktails made with the modern excuse for tonic water, The Third Place Cocktail Co. decided to start from scratch and reassess what it would mean to revive the art of classic cocktails such as Gin and Tonic to the civility of its illustrious past. That journey led to the cinchona tree, the only natural source for quinine and the essence of real artisanal tonic water. If the tonic you are currently drinking has “quinine” as an ingredient instead of “cinchona bark” it probably means it is not naturally produced quinine, but don’t worry, there’s help to be found.


The Third Place Cocktail Co.’s Tonic represents the elemental flavour components of a truly world class tonic water, intended to accentuate the raw beauty and flavour of gin while adding the bitterness required in a truly civilized Gin and Tonic.


Relentless in their pursuit of better quality cocktails and cocktail products, Dan Meades and Kris Smith founded The Third Place Cocktail Co in 2015. Their first product, bearing the same name, revived the gin and tonic to its illustrious past by creating a tonic worthy of sharing a glass with world-class gin. All The Third Place Cocktails products are hand-made in small batches in St. John’s Newfoundland with the finest ingredients available.


  • 8oz/237ml