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This chocolate is classic Venezuela, bursting with nutty, floral, and dried fruits aromas. Seboruco cacao is grown in tiny quantities by 124 small-scaled family farms, of which some are ancestral and retain a substantial percentage of “Criollo” blood beans. This high content of “Criollo” blood contribute to this delicatly aromatic Trinitario cocoa variety. Seboruco cacao beans are grown south of Maracaibo Lake at the Andean foothills near the Columbian boarder and properly geolocated with pin-point traceability from tree-to-bag. Additionally, a set of edaphoclimatic variables are fully recorded through climatological seasons, that link the post-harvest and producers together.

Venezuela 80% Dark Chocolate

  • Floral honey, fresh blueberries, and nuts.

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